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Design Your Own River Table: A Guide

Designing Your Dream...

Welcome to our unique and exciting river tables! Whilst we try to keep our creations in stock to view online and in our shop, 90% of all the river furniture we make are commissions made individually to our client's tastes.

All our wood & resin creations are made in our Suffolk workshop by our senior craftsman, and we have grown over the years into the UK's leading maker of this unique style.

Here is a guide to creating your perfect table but of course this is not an exhaustive list, we welcome new ideas and requests!

To obtain a quote please send us the follwing information;
Size (Please include any top thickness requirements)
Wood Type & Layout
Resin Colour and/or effect
Leg Style
Finish Type

We are happy to offer any advice or help with any of the above aspects so please don't worry if you are unsure about any of the selections

Wood Selection

We hold a large stock of live edge pieces and generally have the following readily available;

Other timbers may be possible to find so please ask

All our timber is age dried for a number of years and then kiln dried for 3-4 months, bringing the moisture content down to the prime level for interior furniture
Character Oak - Straight grain but with a gentle edge and maybe a few knots and pips
Burred Edge Oak - Greater figuring and with beautiful gnarly burred edges
Burr Oak - Very rare and highly figured wood with wild patterns and edges (hard to find in all sizes)
Character Elm - A beautifully unusual wood with interesting grain and medium tones
Burr Elm - Jaw-dropping grain and wild edges, smoother to the touch than oak
Yew - Striking yellow/orange hues with crazy grains many natural imperfections (can be hard to source very wide planks)
French Walnut - Smooth and straight grained with meandering edges. Soft light-brown hues
Olive - Unique grain patterns and soft yellow tones (Can be hard to source in wide and thick planks, best suited to small tables and media unit doors etc)


Choose the look of your table by changing the layout. Sometimes the actual piece of wood may dictate this but use these four as a guide
Classic river layout - central river with straight wooden outer edges
Live outers - live edges to the wood for the river and outer edges (exact depths hard to acheive and not suitable for burred edge timbers)
Resin to outer edge - Full plank widths retained but straight resin edges
Single slab - One large slice cast in resin

Resin Colour & Effects

Although this is almost infinite, here are some special effects we have developed over the years. Most of these effects can also be produced with alternate colour themes or you can opt for a solid opaque or transluscent colour of your choice.
It is also helpful to look through our past projects to see if there is an effect or colour you like that is not listed here.

Reef Blue
Ocean Theme
Terminator Silver
Deep Sea
Kryptonite Green
Lava Flow
Molten Gold
Galactic Blue
Silver Pearl

Leg Style

Lots of wood or steel styles to choose from but please get in touch if you have any ideas for a bespoke design. Please note that the sculpted steel deisgns are currently only available in dining table size. Stock & prices of this range can be viewed here

X Legs
Large X Legs
A Frame
I Beam
Wooden Tapered Legs
Wooden Angled Trapezium


We offer two types of finish on our tables;

Satin wood/gloss resin. This technique has taken years to master and give a natural satin sheen on the wood parts will retaining high gloss to the resin parts.
Easy to maintain
Natural appearance
Hard wearing

Full Gloss resin finish. This is very labour intensive and gives a full high gloss finish to both the wood and resin parts.
Impressive high gloss sheen
Hard wearing but difficult to remove scratches that may occur
Adds extra cost to the project

Satin Oiled/Gloss resin finish
Full gloss resin finish

Make an Enquiry

Use this form to request an outline quote. We may need to contact you to establish price dependent information. Please use this form for river table and resin furniture enquiries only.

Example: Similar to RV151 or River dining table, media unit etc

My measurements are in:
Top Thickness:
Select a wood:
Select a layout:
Select a colour/effect:
Leg Type (Sculpted steel only available for dining tables)

Use this box for full description of changes or required specification.

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